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A career with Elite National Benefits, LLC is something we take very seriously! We have over 20 years experience at senior levels in the industry. Some organizations will hire anyone that can fog a mirror. At ENB, a successful career depends on what both parties can bring to the table.
You must have:
• A Great Attitude
• High Activity Level
• Be Teachable
• Be Trainable
• Be Accountable
• Be a Team Player
ENB will offer:
• Great Products
• Awesome Weekly Training
• Access to Exclusive Leads
• Access to Lead Bonus Program
• Unreal Company Support
• Leadership
• Company Trips
Add these together, and you get: SUCCESS!
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Our Products

Elite National Benefits, LLC has a major focus in Health Insurance. We cross-sell where the need fits into the following products:
• Annuities
• Life Insurance
• Accident Plans
• Critical Illness
• Dental Plans
• Medicare Supplement

Our Managers

Leadership requires a delicate balance in our industry. Just hearing the word "Leadership" sparks various definitions around the globe. In order to become part of the Elite National Benefits Management Team, you will need to be extremely focused. We are a very direct company, and we take what we do very seriously. Everyone at the table has to WIN - The companies we work for, our clients, our agents, and YOU!

ENB has a Success System in place. It is designed for the career-minded individual to achieve $100k income or more in income. Our Number One Rule is this: There are no "armchair quarterbacks!" If you cannot lead your team by example, you would not be a good candidate for ENB.

Whatever your "WHY" is, you can achieve it at Elite National Benefits...
• Retirement
• Cars
• Homes
• Giving back to the community
• Giving to church
• Vacations & Trips
• Funding your child's education
• And more...