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Life Insurance Plans

We all want the best for our loved ones. One of the best gifts we can give them is freedom from financial worry. Elite National Benefits represents some of the top life carriers in the industry. We can cut through the gimmicks and noise.

Let's face it, life insurance does not fall on the regular hot topics list. If we could see into the future, we would be trying to see the winning Powerball Lottery numbers!
Three common areas individuals find themselves in relation to life insurance:
  • No coverage in force. Hopefully, you're looking to rectify this situation soon. We all will make our transition someday! Leaving expenses that must be paid. Too many families have been left with the burden of no prior plan.

  • Current life insurance is outdated. Was your plan written over 5 years ago? Does it include "Living Benefits"? If your answer is "What are living benefits", "I'm not sure" or "No", we have to talk. There are a few carriers that include "Living Benefits" as part of their standard plan at no additional cost.

  • Need additional life insurance in force? Whether it's for personal or business needs, tell us what you're trying to accomplish. We will get to work to make it happen for you! We write various plan types from Final Expenses and Term to Indexed Universal Life.

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